A Sausage Driven Passion for Learning!

A Rolling over trick

A Rolling over trick

Yes that’s right: I am a very keen learner. Each new task my Mum sets me I see as a new challenge. Her command gets my little grey brain cells actively vibrating which then sets off sparky little muscle twitches in my legs. The electricity shoots down to my tail making it wag madly left and right. It then diverts up to my ears to help them stand upright and perky. My smile splits my face in two. I am very very excited!

Of course it is the little bit of sausage or chorizo in Mum’s hand that is the stimulus for all this energy transfer.  My extremely sensitive nose nerves confirms what my big brown eyes have spied. Mmmm… that spicy meaty smell is a startlingly strong stimulus to action.

I will do ANYTHING to get my slippery pink tongue on to that tasty meat.

“Yes Mum”  I bark. “Do you want me to dance or hop?  Will I lay down and roll over?  Should we practice that weaving game around the poles that we tried yesterday?

Quick Mum tell me what to do. I WANT that tasty treat NOW please.”

(You can see that I am licking my lips in anticipation of that sausage)

Maybe school teachers could wave BBQ sausages at the kids to get them learning better?

5 thoughts on “A Sausage Driven Passion for Learning!

    • Hi Max. Although you live a long way away from my home in Australia you look like a relative: You have a similar cute face to me!
      Thank you for saying hello. Please keep in touch (I don’ think Weemails travel over the computer so you might have to ask your dad to convey your messages, Woofs from KoKo


  1. Dear Koko, you certainly have a busy life. Being a celebrity certainly places a strain on your private life. Tell me Koko, have you put a sign at your front door yet with a little picture of your Mummy with a note saying:- “My Staff live here.”? If not, you should, because good staff always like to be appreciated, and it seems that your staff look after you very well. You are very lucky Koko.
    Congratulations Koko for performing your official duties so well.
    All the very best
    Your faithful servant


    • Hey Boyd,
      what a great idea!
      I always tell Mum that I am the boss, but a sign referring to her as my staff would get an annoyed laugh from her I am sure.
      I will sneak into the study tonight when she is asleep and paw a notice for the door. It could be a bit tricky but I will find a way to stick it on the front door. Maybe I could use some of the gluey sausage meat I did not eat tonight? Woof Woof KoKo


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