“Exercise and play are better than food treats!!!”

Oh No! I’m in trouble. The latest newsletter from my local Subi Vet contains some bad news for me. I am hoping my Mum does not read it.

The Vet staff say “To keep your dog healthy – “Exercise and play are much better than food treats!!!

You all know how much I love treats! I eat healthily (most of the time) but I’ve learned to only do my clever tricks, like dancing, if Mum offers me a treat.

When Greg weighs me at the clinic I am always 8.5kg so I am not fat like some of my Labrador mates (sorry to dob you in doggies). Also my mum is pretty stingy – her treats are only tiny.

KoKo exercising

KoKo exercising

I also do lots and lots of exercise padding around Subiaco reading the Weemails left by my doggie friends. When Mum is not lazy and takes me to a new big park, I run and run and have lots of fun.

But I love my treats! Especially those bits of BBQ sausages outside Bunnings on a Saturday.

Please Greg in your next newsletter say it’s ok to give your dog tiny treats sometimes. I’ll be your friend forever.

Woofs from KoKo

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