Cottesloe Beach Dog Walk

Hi all,

I was a bit suspicious that spring was here as my allergies were bothering me. I was scratching my face and biting my feet.

Mum suggested that it was about time we took ourselves down for a walk along North Cottesloe Beach, as the sand would have lost its winter chill. The salty water would also be soothing.

Surprisingly, when we spied the sea it was tossing and turning and pouring froth onto the seaweedy sand.

A few dogs were dipping their bodies in the ocean but I decided four wet little paws were enough.The wind was whipping the doggie’s wet tails as they ran along the beach. There were even little spatters of rain.

We did not mind though, as it was fun for me to race after my ball and to meet new friends. I was reminded of all the great times we had over summer.

You can see from Mum’s photos that I was happy! Roll on summer, KoKo

KoKo Cottesloe Beach

KoKo Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach Dogs

Cottesloe Beach Dogs

Of course, after a beach walk we headed to the cafe for a coffee for Mum, and a Puppicino for me.

Swanbourne Cafe Dog ToTo

Swanbourne Cafe Dog ToTo

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