Our Awards from the Paws Walk Seascapes Mandurah

Last year my mates Bro and Bonnie and I were all delighted to receive a certificate congratulating us for being healthy. We joined lots of other dogs of all shapes and sizes to raise money for the RSPCA and the K9 the local Dog Refuge.


Bonnie and her Certificate

Bro Certificate

Bro and his Certificate








KoKo Certificate

KoKo and Certificate








The path my human friends, John and Alison, had set was overlooking the beach. Of course being an adventurous trio, Bro, Bonnie and I, took just a few moments to race down the steps to paddle in the chilly ocean. Our humans watched and laughed at our antics – running in and out of waves, with lots of body shaking to dry ourselves later.

We three amigos were happy to achieve our Diplomas. We aim to walk again on October 19th 2014. The Refuges are good charities as they look after our lost doggie friends.

KoKoPaws_0002 copy

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