I love Subiaco

On Friday nights my Mum and I wander around Subiaco looking for new places to visit. Bistro Felix in Rokeby Rd has been there for many years and has lovely food (including roast lamb I hear).

As we walked past last Friday though Mum suddenly slid to a stop. “Hold on KoKo – let me read this sign again” So I politely sat down and saw her smiling. She told me the sign said “Half price oysters between 5 and 7 o’clock”. She rushed in and ordered a few. I was a little excited wondering if I was going to get a taste.

For those of you who have tried oysters you will not be surprised at my reaction when they turned up on the table with some lemon and vinegar. They were cold and slimy and horrible! Yuk! I let Mum eat them all by herself. She was happy. I might make her order something more meaty next Friday. KoKo

2 thoughts on “I love Subiaco

  1. I’ve never had oysters with lemon and vinegar either, Koko, but it sounds like Mum really likes them! Maybe one day I’ll travel to your side of the globe and try some for myself. 🙂


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